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Tracque Sports Management serves as an athlete management and development company for talented upcoming athletes as well as accomplished professional athletes around the world. Our primary goal is to identify, nurture and positively exploit athletic talent. Our offices are based in Kenya and the United States.

We believe that athletes must be active participants in their own success. We therefore place the Manager - Athlete relationship as the highest priority for meeting the athlete’s goals. Each of our athlete is the most important client we have. No matter their level of athletic success or stage of development within the sport, each is treated on an equal plain. 

Our primary interest is in management and development of athletic talent in road races, half-marathon and marathon races as well as cross-country events.​​ ​ We also provide client services in the areas of competition scheduling, meet entries and contract negotiations, athlete training and representation, brand marketing and endorsement, medical and insurance services, tours, travel and visa services, transport and hotel accommodations.​

As such we offer a world class training staff dedicated to athletic success. Our staff takes pride in its accessibility and will always reply in a timely manner.

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Our mission is to identify, nurture and exploit athletic talent through training and race entries. Our dedication and focus to the needs of individual athletes allows our clients to attain their maximum athletic potential.

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Our vision is to become the world's leading Athletic Management Company by dedicating and focusing to the needs of individual athletes allowing our clients to attain their maximum athletic potential.

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